Living a Healthy Life!

The ACTIV-8 Challenge is focused on staying active and leading a healthier life. Whether you participated in the last challenge and want to keep the momentum going or plan to start setting healthy routines this summer, ACTIV-8 will provide you with team challenges, nutrition and workout tips, and inspiration to help you live your life like every moment matters. Team Up and Join the Challenge!

STEP 1: Form a team of 2-10 and elect a team captain. If you need help finding a team, email livewell@gianteagle.com.

STEP 2: Team Captain collects participants email addresses and selects a team name.

STEP 3: Team Captain registers team (Enter Group Registration ID: LHGE)

STEP 4: Participants set up individual profile by following the instructions in the e-mail you'll receive after your team captain registers the team.
• Authorize the registration fee to participate ($5)*

Win prizes!


*$5 will be deducted from your paycheck.

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